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Your wealth. Your life. Aligned. Your way.

Hawk100’s purpose is to help each member align wealth with life.

To achieve our purpose, Hawk100 has developed a comprehensive, strategic Wealth Alignment process to help align your wealth in a way that effectively supports and enables your life.

The core of this process is Your Wealth Alignment PlanSM which becomes the cornerstone for our wealth advice. Your Wealth Alignment Plan encourages prudent, disciplined and systematic practices to guide you toward behaviors, actions and choices intended to improve your probability of success.

Your Wealth Alignment Plan aligns the interests of Hawk100 wealth advisors, who exercise discretion on your behalf, with your interests.  It establishes a fiduciary framework for communication and understanding.

Your Wealth Alignment Plan sets forth investment policies that (1) communicate expectations and objectives for investment of your wealth, (2) identify appropriate risk strategies suitable for you, (3) recommend asset allocation policy and implementation strategy, (4) set criteria for evaluating investments and performance, and (5) assign responsibilities for both you and Hawk100.

Your Wealth Alignment Plan protects your wealth from ad hoc portfolio revisions that may be contrary to sound long-term policy.  It maintains focus on long-term policy when short-term market movements may cause distress, doubt, or disruption.

To further align our services with the unique needs of each specific member, Hawk100 may recommend membership at either the HawkNestSM or HawkHuntSM service level.

To further explore the Hawk100 wealth alignment process, please contact Hawk100.