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Hawk100 Investment Philosophy

As your fiduciary investment advisor, Hawk100 appreciates that you trust our discretion.  We recognize that we must continually earn your trust through prudent, disciplined, and systematic practices that are essential to our investment approach.

Assess conditions and expectations.

We start with understanding your current life situation and stage.  Knowing where you are in life meaningfully instructs our advice for your future paths.

We continuously research financial market and economic conditions to frame expectations about investment performance and risks.

Define desired objectives.

Your aspirations and goals determine our process and to recommend suitable investment objectives.

Every asset should purposefully advance your wealth toward your stated aspirations.  Our purpose-driven investment approach helps align your wealth to support and enable your life purpose.

Design strategy to meet objectives.

We manage portfolios proportionally allocating assets according to the purpose that each asset serves.

Assets that preserve wealth maintain a stable share price consistent with short-term yield.  Assets that provide income seek to maximize the relationship of income yield to duration risk.  Assets that promote portfolio value seek to maximize the expected investment return relative to expected return volatility.  Assets that help you prosper seek to enhance portfolio diversification through uncorrelated opportunities.

Hawk100 maintains diverse portfolio exposure to varied industry sectors and economies to the extent that, in Hawk100’s opinion, a particular sector or economy offers favorable investment characteristics under prevailing conditions.  Hawk100 primarily invests in index-based funds and may actively select securities that we expect to enhance prospects for risk-adjusted portfolio returns while seeking to capitalize on perceived opportunities.

Hawk100 invests portfolios consistent with fundamental analysis to choose securities we believe trade below their intrinsic value.

Implement strategy.

We ask insightful questions to help you assess your willingness and ability to tolerate risk.  That assessment enables the selection of implementation strategies to further align your financial wealth.  We place and rebalance portfolios according to predefined precepts that avoid ad hoc decisions subject to emotional appeal that can distract from long-term objectives.

Measure and evaluate progress.

Hawk100 regularly measures and evaluates your progress toward your aspirations.  At least quarterly, we report that progress to you through Your Wealth Alignment Report to help your evaluation of our performance and to facilitate meaningful planning conversations.