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HawkNest. Essential advice
for accumulating wealth.

As with everyone’s life journey at some point, you spend time in the nest, nurturing your wealth to grow.

At Hawk100, we believe every Member deserves the level of service that he or she desires and requires, and we tailor our services to your individual demands.  For our Members who are accumulating wealth and seeking essential wealth advisory services, Hawk100 tailors wealth advice through its HawkNestSM service level.

Your Wealth Alignment Plan.

For HawkNest, Your Wealth Alignment Plan guides our advice to address essential wealth planning needs. Your plan development answers questions that tend to be more commonly encountered by individuals and families.  We discuss present facts and conditions and your aspirations for your wealth and life.  We advise behaviors, actions, and choices to help you align your wealth with your life.  At a minimum, Your Wealth Alignment Plan sets forth a purpose-driven investment strategy designed to your unique objectives and risk tolerance.

Continuous, fully
discretionary investment advice.

As an independent registered investment adviser, we act as your fiduciary–always placing your interests before our own–to exercise full discretion on your behalf.  You hold your assets in accounts at a qualified custodian or brokerage firm.  For those accounts, you grant authority to Hawk100 to transact in investments at our discretion without obtaining your prior confirmation.  Our authority is restricted to that which you expressly grant.

Types of investments.

For Members accepted for HawkNest service, we implement your investment strategy predominantly using exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to efficiently construct and manage diverse portfolios.  We may invest in other assets including mutual funds, exchange-traded notes (ETNs), unit investment trusts (UITs), or any asset for which you request advice.  We follow disciplined practices to ensure that recommended assets are suitable for your objectives, risk tolerance, and constraints.

Periodic, non-discretionary investment advice.

Hawk100 provides periodic, non-discretionary investment advice.  Members may hold securities in accounts outside the scope of Hawk100 discretion. You may request that we provide analysis and make recommendations regarding those accounts.  You are under no obligation to implement that advice with Hawk100, and you may choose whether and how to implement the advice.

This service is available to HawkNest Members for an additional fee as agreed in advance.

Comprehensive, personal wealth advice.

Hawk100 provides comprehensive, personal wealth advice.  Members engage in endeavors that elicit advice regarding matters other than investments.  To provide such advice, Hawk100 gathers information from the Member then advises specific behaviors, actions, or choices that enables the Member to meet stated objectives.  This advice usually derives from Your Wealth Alignment Plan.

This service is available to HawkNest Members for an additional fee as agreed in advance.

If you still have questions, please know Hawk100 is happy to answer them. Please contact Hawk100, or call us.