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Regular and relevant communication is among our valued services.  Hawk100 offers written and video commentary and insights to help you align your wealth with your life.

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Modern monetary illusionists

Coupling monetary policies with government spending programs that embrace modern monetary theory is straining the fiat currency system.  That international monetary system has held for nearly fifty years since President Nixon broke from the gold exchange standard in 1971.  Central bank commissioners openly consider a transformation to digital currency that introduces new threats and opportunities.  Read more.


Post-election party

America came through elections much as it has endured the pandemic.  It may be scarred, and perhaps scared, but it persevered and survived.  Continued economic recovery and positive financial results followed record-time vaccine development.  While rising distrust in institutions presents risks, our success depends on helping you align your wealth according to the underlying conditions.  Read more.


Everything seems political

A strong economic revival followed the easing of many government restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Medical advances helped contain the severity of Covid-19.  Politics moved into focus as US elections proceed and political developments could significantly impact investors.

As you digest election results, please respect those who may  have different political preferences. Trust that they may rationally reach divergent opinions reasonably because they have different experiences, expectations, or information.  Read more.


Coronavirus second wave

The novel Coronavirus made a second wave of infections through many US states that had previously appeared to have avoided the worst of the pandemic.

As of this writing, data provided by Johns Hopkins University for daily cases in the US seems to show infections peaked on July 16.  Read more.


Coronavirus is everywhere

We seem bombarded with news and opinion coverage of the Novel Coronavirus. To us, much-existing coverage appears to promote panic not perspective, and we hope to bring a bit of the latter to the spreading Coronavirus.

The world has experienced pandemics throughout history. Read more.

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